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Representation For Plaintiffs In Personal Injury Lawsuits

When you suffer a personal injury, the last thing you need is the stress of not knowing what comes next. Unfortunately, when harm is inflicted at the hands of another person’s negligence, stress can become unavoidable. You might feel anger and frustration over the person’s actions and grief over the setbacks it creates in your life. Most likely, you’ll want to seek justice. As a plaintiff in a personal injury case, you’ll find solace and support by working side by side with the attorneys at Funk Riemann LLP, who can guide you through your lawsuit and help you recover rightful compensation for the damages you’ve experienced.

Informed and Experienced Attorneys To Advocate For You

Personal injury falls under numerous categories. Common ones include car accidents, dog bites, slip-and-falls and product liabilities, in which case a product has defects that lead to consumer injuries. Other common claims of personal injury include:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Burn injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Construction accidents
  • Accidents involving trucks, aircraft or motorcycles

Our attorneys have two decades of combined experience litigating Missouri personal injury cases on behalf of plaintiffs. We’re knowledgeable about the applicable local laws and statutes that can impact the outcome of a lawsuit, which makes us well-positioned to help our clients get the legal outcomes and settlements that they deserve after experiencing an injury at the fault of someone else.

You Shouldn’t Be Alone In Your Fight

Personal injury laws have many components that should be explained by a legal professional with experience litigating on behalf of plaintiffs. When the case is reviewed, a lawyer will help establish liability, assess the scope of damage and determine whether you should go to trial or work toward a settlement. As evidence is collected and the facts are confirmed, it will be paramount to have your attorney’s extensive knowledge and advocacy on your side.

Insurance companies will sometimes go to great lengths to avoid giving you the compensation you need to fully cover your damages. You may be facing hospital bills, absence from work, emotional distress that causes you disruption and property damage. In the worst cases, you may have lifelong consequences to your health, or a loved one may have lost his or her life. It can be an isolating experience, and Funk Riemann LLP will give you the support you need.

Call Us Immediately To Discuss Getting Your Life Back

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