Partnership and Small Business Litigation

Partnership and Small Business Litigation2015-11-18T20:52:55+00:00

When litigation is needed, Funk Riemann has the experience you need.

As an entrepreneur, your goals include increasing your profits, protecting your assets, minimizing risk, and avoiding litigation. However, disputes are inevitable for most businesses and sometimes you have to take action to protect your interests. And, of course, risks magnify when you and your partners disagree. When conflict occurs, emotions can run high as you try to navigate saving your relationship, your business, your clients, and more. An experienced business litigation attorney can help you reach a satisfactory result while managing time and costs in your favor.

The best way to find solutions to everyday and unique business issues is to partner with experienced small business litigation attorneys like those at Funk Riemann who have a proven track record of resolving a variety of business conflicts and prosecuting business claims.

Funk Riemann is a solution-oriented and tech-friendly small business litigation firm.

In addition, Funk Riemann’s business litigation attorneys leverage modern technology to create efficiencies in the legal services they provide, reducing your time in litigation and lowering your legal costs. As a result, Funk Riemann is often able to offer contingency fee structures so you only pay if you prevail. 

The business litigation attorneys at Funk Riemann have years of experience representing Kansas City businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. They’ve handled cases worth over $400 million, and Funk Riemann’s attorneys have worked with some of the most prominent business litigation firms in Kansas City and the nation. The attorneys at Funk Riemann have helped business owners argue their cases in court and they can do the same for your small business.

Services Offered

Partnership Disputes
Small Business Litigation
LLC Litigation
Business Torts
Breach of Contract
Fiduciary Duty
Fraudulent Misrepresentation
Negligent Misrepresentation
Tortious Interference
Shareholder Derivative Claims
Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing


Contingent Fees

Funk Riemann offers contingent fee structures whenever possible. Learn More.

As small business owners, we know the struggles you face, and we’re not interested in wasting your time and money. Rather, we’ll give you straightforward advice to help you continue growing your business. Sometimes our skills are best utilized helping business partners work out their differences and other times it is necessary to reach resolution in court. Either way we are here to guide you through the legal process.

If you need a small business litigation attorney, we are here to help.

– Andrew & Tim