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Funk Riemann LLP Can Help You After An Injury

Other people’s actions can wreck your life. The litigation attorneys at Funk Riemann LLP can help you. You’ll get practical, collaborative, and solution-oriented advice and litigation services aimed at recovering the compensation you deserve after an injury as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But There Is A Reason Courthouses Exist

Sometimes pretrial settlements are not in your best interest. In those cases, Funk Riemann LLP’s litigation attorneys have the necessary experience to fight for your rights. The firm’s litigation attorneys have represented individuals and companies in various litigation matters, including multiple cases with over $100 million at stake.

Our Attorneys Have What It Takes To Fight And Win

When you work with attorneys Andrew Funk and Tim Riemann, you will be putting 20 years of combined legal experience in your corner, working for you and fighting for the best possible outcome. They are highly skilled litigators with experience handling everything from simple disputes to complex, multimillion-dollar cases. You are in good hands with Andrew and Tim.

Contingency Fees Are Mutually Beneficial

A contingency fee means Funk Riemann LLP is paid only if you win. As a result, the law firm’s interests are aligned with yours. Further, opposing counsel and their clients understand that this arrangement means Funk Riemann LLP is ready to go to trial if needed to fight for your rights.

Arrange A Consultation

If you would like to speak with the experienced lawyers at Funk Riemann LLP, please call their Kansas City office at (816) 348-3002 or send them an email using this online form.